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Requests :)
Colored pencils
Since neko11lover , matsukanishi09 , akemi_chan and most of my friends had been accepting requests, I think I'll take them too.


I'll make sketches rather than drabbles ;D I don't think I can handle making drabbles. LOL. I can draw/sketch any head shot...or not. Let me be specific XD I can draw any head shot, but I don't do explicit Yaoi or Yuri. I can make hints, like they're about to kiss or etc. :p, if I don't know who it is, just give me a reference. :D Only head shots though, when I know I can move on to half body. I'll update. :)

You can also be specific about the request: like the expressions and the art style (I can do chibi/anime/semi-realism(?))

I'd love to see requests~ to also help me improve my drawing skills :D

Colored pencils
Title: Survive
Pairing: Implied Peeta/Katniss
Fandom: Hunger Games
Summary: Peeta immediately becomes my lifeline; he is the reason why I live, why I survive. Katniss' POV
Warning: Mocking Jay Spoilers.
No editor, so beware of possible grammatical errors.

I do not own Hunger Games.


The reason why I survive...Collapse )


Stuff Toys
Colored pencils
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Teddy Bears, from matsukanishi09

Kirihara scowled at the number of stuff toys that clogged his locker, what was with girls giving stuff toys anyway? These toys weren’t meant for—

His eyes caught something that differed from all the others, he took it and read the card.

Hope you like this, Kirihara-san!


Okay, maybe stuff toys weren’t so bad after all.

First Aid
Fandom: Original - Warm Snow
Rating: K+
Summary: Lei promised herself that she wouldn’t trust anyone anymore. Because she knew that she would only be hurt in the end.
A/N: The setting happened before Warm Snow, a little moment between Gin and Lei. Gab, this is only platonic, Lei swears *shot* This might turn out a little crappy and grammatically challenged since I hadn't let anyone edit this. Hope you like it Kambal :) (though you've read it ;p)

Disclaimer: Gin is owned by akemi_chan , OOC-ness woule be owned by me.

“Italics in quotes: French”

"First Aid"
That one exception...Collapse )



Once again, forgive me for grammatical errors. 

fuji syuusuke

I've always thought that smiling was one of my best qualities. In reality, however, it was a curse— A curse I will forever live with, a curse that I will forever regret having.

Special thanks to Kriselle De Leon for the Beta!

The whole story can be seen from my account: Wallflowerx07 since it was TOO long.

***Italics are the lryics


I've always thought that smiling was one of my best qualities. Collapse )


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