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Colored pencils
Title: Survive
Pairing: Implied Peeta/Katniss
Fandom: Hunger Games
Summary: Peeta immediately becomes my lifeline; he is the reason why I live, why I survive. Katniss' POV
Warning: Mocking Jay Spoilers.
No editor, so beware of possible grammatical errors.

I do not own Hunger Games.


“You love me, real or not real?”


I answer Peeta without question, locking my eyes with his warm, blue ones. Maybe I’ve always known deep inside me that Peeta was the one—I just never managed to admit it to myself, since all I ever got to think about is the games, Prim, Gale…

But Prim is dead.

Gale is far away.

And everyone else I care for is gone.

I should be dead together with Prim, my very sweet sister who isn’t even thirteen yet. I don’t even know the reason why I still live, why I still survive.

That’s when Peeta came into the picture.

He raised me up from the bitter pool I am drowned upon, the sadness and emptiness I felt was slowly replaced with warmth and contentment. He was my sun, my everlasting ray of light and hope altogether. Peeta immediately becomes my lifeline; he is the reason why I live, why I breathe. The last thing holding me down to this very destroyed world.

My gravity.

My life.

The reason why I survive.  


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YES. Katniss, Peeta is the one keeping you rooted on the ground. Gravity, life. *A*

The phrase "Gale is far away" saddens me though. So if he was near... *shot*


Yes~ Go Burnt Bread! XD

PEETA ;o; Y'know, even if she chose him, I still pity him. D: (*cue 'Thinking of You' haha*)

That aside, good job! :-bd WRITE MOREEE. :>

LOL, sadista kasi si Katniss. 8D;

I can't write any more. So LOL, yeah. Thanks~ :)

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