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First Aid
Fandom: Original - Warm Snow
Rating: K+
Summary: Lei promised herself that she wouldn’t trust anyone anymore. Because she knew that she would only be hurt in the end.
A/N: The setting happened before Warm Snow, a little moment between Gin and Lei. Gab, this is only platonic, Lei swears *shot* This might turn out a little crappy and grammatically challenged since I hadn't let anyone edit this. Hope you like it Kambal :) (though you've read it ;p)

Disclaimer: Gin is owned by akemi_chan , OOC-ness woule be owned by me.

“Italics in quotes: French”

"First Aid"
“Ouch! That hurt, be a little more---OUCH!

 Lei continued what she was doing despite of Gin’s loud groans and protests; it was his fault for getting into trouble again. She continued to wrap the bandage around his chest, trying her best not to hurt him—at least, not until he was getting into her nerves already.  

“Don’t be such a wimp, Ivan. It’s your fault anyway.” Lei stated, stopping from her work to glare at Gin. Gin glared back but didn’t reply, instead he just averted his gaze and muttered some things that Lei paid no mind to.

She continued to do her work in peace, wrap here, put a bandage there. Lei got to do first aid almost every single day, that maybe she’d be able to become a nurse without even having to study. She sighed. Gin noticed, but Lei ignored his questioning look and just continued to work in silence. It was good that the damage done today wasn’t as bad as the one he had the past week, wherein he had to be permitted in the hospital, in which he had profusely refused to go to.

Oh, was she mad to see his bloodied state upon returning home, but she hadn’t stayed mad for long, for it had been quickly replaced with anxiety. Gin might not know, and hopefully, would never know that he was one of the people she cared for since her dad left her and her mother’s footsteps. She told herself not to trust anyone, not a single soul, yet when it came to Gin—it was different. She didn’t want to admit it, but she trusted Gin. And she pretty much hated herself for that. It was the reason why she’d become distant to him, cold, so that she would be able to suppress such feelings.

Such ideals.

“Um…hey,” Gin muttered, breaking Lei from her thoughts.

“Hmm?” She answered, finally placing the last bandage on his forehead. Their eyes met momentarily, before both turned their heads the opposite direction. Lei tried her best not to blush, but it was an inevitable gesture. So she just placed the materials she used back at the first aid kit as to avoid meeting Gin’s gaze again, and so that he wouldn’t be able to see her red tainted face.

When she was about to stand up, Gin’s hand stopped her. “Wait,” he murmured, and Lei did stop, but her eyes remained glued to the kit she was holding.  

Gin withdrew his hand to place it behind his neck, scratching it. “I just…well…um…the thing is…” He stated nervously, his eyes down cast and was that a blush forming on his cheeks?

Lei closed her eyes to resist the urge to roll her eyes. “Just get on with it, Ivan.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, I’m sorry!”

Lei’s eyes fluttered open to see a very scarlet Gin. Well, that caught her off guard. “For what?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Gin sighed and placed both his bandaged arms on his knees, wincing at the process because of the new wound that he received on his chest. “I know you’re getting tired for always taking care of me like this, that I couldn’t even protect myself and that I somehow always get into some shitty business. It’s tiring, I know, even for you. I know it was you who asked for the permission if you could live here, and that you’d work at the process. But you already cook my meals and clean the house too, now you have to nurse me? I’m just…ugh.” Gin shook his head and closed his eyes, his eyes set on the ground.  

Lei blinked, and felt warmth fill her. She couldn’t help but smile.

She stood up and moved closer to Gin. He didn’t move when she knelt in front of him, and Lei slowly tried to pry his arms away from his knees to make him sit straight, making him taller than her now. Gin still avoided Lei’s gaze though, but then she placed her finger on his chin to make him gently face her.

They stayed like that for a few seconds.

”Idiot.” Lei stated in French which made Gin’s gaze widen. What the hell? But before he could retort back, Lei smiled at him. A sincere smile, not a mocking one nor was it a smirk—but a smile. A smile he hadn’t seen since they were children.

“I’ve been taking care of you since we were kids, what makes you think that I’d get tired of taking care of you now?”

Now it was Gin’s turn to smile.

Lei promised herself that she wouldn’t trust anyone anymore. Because she knew that she would only be hurt in the end—but maybe Gin was a different case.

She smiled again as she stood up to place the kit where it was kept.

Maybe Gin could be that one exception.

For now, at least.



Once again, forgive me for grammatical errors. 

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(Deleted comment)
"For now. at least."

Why am I 'kinikilig'? LOL. =))

OHOHOHOHOH. The last line made me hurt a lot. =(((( *shot*

SRSLY. IT'S CUTE. AND WHEN IT'S CUTE, IT'S GIN, SO YEAH. /hahaha too pompous, I know

Anywaaaaay, I'm so glad we pulled this off, Kambal! (I was afraid to drag you down with me - added that Gab might haunt me as well loljk, PEACE KAREN XD)

Gin would forever be Lei's sibling. o/



You'll never! I was afraid that it would be the other way around 8DDDD

Hai hai~

Gab's currently drinking with Brett. I think he sulked because of this. XDD


This was the PAST Gab! *grabs Gab by the shoulders**shot* Hahaha

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