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"No one ever fails, they just simply give up."

Welcome to Wallflower's portal

First of all, I am...me. LOL, my name's Miya, but you can call me Wall or Flower...or anything that is suited to me for you. ;)

I'm a 1st year College student, taking up Multi Media Arts. I love to draw, read, write, play games and etcetera. But I'm not really that good when it comes to the "writing" part :P I struggle, but I guess my drabbles turn out fine? :) I consider myself to be a quiet and boring person, but the "quiet" part is slowly changing now ;) that's part of the reason why I chose that user name: Wallflower--I struggled with finding one, honestly. The past ones sucked. But finally! I realized that I always pertain to myself as a "wallflower", a person hardly noticed by the large crowd. So voila~ the user name was formed~

I tend to write fandoms I'm most interested in at the moment, but those aren't long lived. Though, that depends. (Like HP and Prince of Tennis, still love those two--though I haven't written anything yet for the HP categ)

This is the third time (I think?) I made an LJ account. And I'm hoping this would become my "official" account. Well, good luck to me then ;D